Our partners are companies that actively work with NH Desgin and execute projects with us.

They, too, believe in energy-efficient and sustainable designs and embody our vision of homebuilding

Inspired by Europe’s top performing building methods, Nature Homes Ltd. developed a very own innovative New Zealand designed prefebricated system.

Optimised for our own unqiue geographic, climatic and seismic conditions, it is locally manufactured through Nature Homes from a mix of NZ-made and recycled materials, then combined with some of the worlds best European building products such as Megrame Windows to make your home stronger, safer, healthier and more enviromentally sustainable than other alternatives. 

Nature Homes provides innovative solutions for the building industry and our people.

They improve efficiency, quality, and performance through prefabrication.

With the use of sustainable products, they protect health and well-being of our people, and reduce enviromental impacts.

The Structural Insulated Panel System (SIPS) is made from sustainable forested Oriented Strand Board (OSB) laminatd to a high performance, flame-retardant Neopor Polystyrene core (EPS).
Compared to an equivalent thickness of timber framed wall, they can give you three times the insulation, although the panles can be up to 300mm thick.

They also provide you with 20 times less leackage, and vandal-resistance. Unlike some of the competitors, they supply all the additional components required to make the system complete.

Same price for a better building!

For the same cost as conventional 90mm timber framing, we use their 90mm core wall panels and get a warm, dry building with clean air. 

  • OSB has zero added formaldehyde
  • Adhesive has zero VOC’s 
  • Neopor insultation
  • Green fire rating
  • The standard panels proces are the lowest on the market.

MgO SIPS (Magnesium Oxide Board Structural Insulated Panels) are high-performance building systems that consist of an insulating foam core sandwiched between two sheathing layers of magnesium oxide board. 

MgO SIPs are used for highly insulated walls, ceilings, and floors. Buildings made from SIPs are assembled significantly faster than stick-built homes, reducing on-site construction by several weeks. 

MgO sheathing is water-resistant, off-gasses no VOCs, and offers superior fire suppression when compared to portland cement and OSB (oriented strand board). The foam core can be made from extruded polystyrene foam (XPS), expanded polystyrene foam (EPS), polyisocyanurate foam, polyurethane foam, or be composite honeycomb (HSC).

Frame Protection System, FPS® Weathertight®™ system is a comprehensive roof and wall underlay system for timber and steel frame, panel and prefab building elements, providing both interim and permanent weather protection plus moisture control within the wall or roof structure.

FPS® Weathertight™ is certified to allow internal work to proceed to completionbefore the roof and wall cladding are installed.

Moisture Control
FPS® Weathertight® membranes are permeable, allowing moisture vapour out of the construction during the build phase and for the life of the building.

All our building membranes are considered vapour open, allowing faster drying, speeding up the build time.


All FPS® Weathertight® membranes are classified as W1 waterproof, with water column tests of between 1500mm and 5500mm (far in excess of the building code requirement of 20mm).

FPS® Weathertight® membranes will not leak or wick moisture and have all passed the 24 hour water streaming test.


The FPS® Weathertight® System is able to be used in all New Zealand wind zones, on roofs and walls (BRE Test Report 301-688 issue 2, 29th February 2015).

Fire Retardant

FPS® Weathertight® wall and roof membranes have an AS1530 – part 2 flammability index of not greater than 5 and therefore meet the requirements of NZBC Acceptable Solutions.

UV Exposure

FPS® Weathertight® membranes are tested and certified for UV exposure for up to 90 days (N15, N35 & W35) or 120 days (S65). If you need more than 90 days, please contact us.

Surefoot is an “all in one system”, where the unique shape and high strength steel combines to create a very efficient pile cap.

Once piles are driven and the cap secured, the opposing forces of the multi directional piles provides a solid, stable and economical foundation.

The system is designed to increase its efficiency when resisting gravity, uplift, shear and moment loads.

Ultimately the soil structure absorbs the applied stress. Our footing system is job specific and is designed according to site soil conditions, and structural design loads etc.
Surefoot cannot be labelled as either a shallow or a deep foundation and therefore belongs to a new „hybrid“ type of footing.

MISSION – To offer a better, faster and easier alternative through an innovative, environmentally friendly footing system.

 – To become the best alternative in foundations worldwide.